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Yatra.com’s eCash- FAQ

  1. What is eCash?
  • In order to provide customers comfort and ease of maintaining refunds and cashback, Yatra.com has launched eCash. With cash back, you’ll be able to earn cashback on your flight bookings amount. The limit of cashback is 5% and each eCash point worth 1 Rupee.
  1. How does eCash work?
  • You can consider eCash as your virtual currency handler over Yatra.com. Whenever you make a booking, 5% of the payment amount gets deposited in your eCash account in the form of loyalty points. This gets accumulated over time with each transaction and you can use these points (1 point= 1Rupee) to make bookings for flight, hotel, train, holiday. The refund which you get into your bank account after the cancellation, also now gets deposited instantly in your eCash account, from where you can use it for rebooking, for the same amount or with the cashback amount together.
  1. Why benefits will it serve me?
  • Suppose you cancel a flight booking. Now you will have to wait for 6-7 days for getting the refund back to your bank account. Meanwhile, if you want to make another booking, you will have to spend additional amount, or wait for the refund get to you. eCash solves this problem for you, as it reflects your refund immediately. You will be able to rebook your flight again instantly using eCash. Additionally, for every flight transaction that you make, depending on the amount you spend, a cashback or loyalty point is generated and given to you through eCash.
  1. How to use my eCash money?
  • You can use the refund or loyalty point given to you through eCash in totality for hotel bookings, flights, and holiday or train bookings. You can make the bookings through eCash using desktop site, mobile (WAP) site and Yatra app (android & iOS based devices). Though it is to be noted here that the cashback usability is limited.
  • Domestic flights – 5% (Up to Rs.250)
  • International Flights- 5% ( up to Rs. 2,000)
  • Hotel- 10% of base amount (up to Rs. 1,000)
  • Holiday- 5%
  • Bus- 10%
  • Train- 10%
  1. Is there any expiry for the refunds and cashback in eCash?

-Yes! The expiry period is 90 days for loyalty point in case of flight and hotel bookings. The expiry period for holiday bookings is 1 year. However, refund value remains intact in eCash and bears no expiry period. You can use the refund amount from eCash whenever you want.

  1. Is eCash Safe to use?

-Definitely. eCash is a very safe and secure mode of handling refunds and cashback over bookings made under Yatra.com. It is 100% encrypted and can only be used after login.

  1. How do I sign up for eCash?
  • You don’t have to sign up for eCash. If you are a registered consumer at Yatra.com, then you are already registered with eCash.
  1. How can I transfer eCash amount to any other user?
  • Sorry, but you can transfer eCash amount to any other user since eCash amount is dedicated for the use of only a single user. It is specific to your account only.