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We appreciate the trust you place in us when you visit our site. We have underlined the privacy policy of our site below. When you browse our site, you agree to the below terms.

Our vision is to make it easy for advertisers to discover the sea of advertising spaces available in India. In that regard, we list various advertising spaces and media owner’s media details on our site. Most of these are official tie-ups. Sometimes we also list some media owner’s media details basis the publicly available information on their site with the objective of helping them generate more sales from the thousands of advertisers visiting our page. We have noble intentions and would love to work with partners who understand and appreciate the value we are trying to drive to advertisers and media owners alike.

We use Google Analytics to get aggregate data that helps us with various data points that help us take business decisions. The kind of data we get is aggregate and not individual. The data collected gives us an understanding of how many people visited our site, how many of them were unique, the number of page views, time spent, location of the users, the pages they viewed, the browser used etc.