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Common shopping patterns among women

You must have experienced at least once in your life when you ask your male counterpart to join you in shopping and they start making excuses to avoid joining you on the shopping spree!

You are not alone, most women face this. You should not feel disappointed as different surveys suggest that the way a woman shops are a part of her personality! The way you shop when you are 18 will be similar to the way you shop when you turn 40! The mindset will be more or less same, just that the situations may change.

In women, there are four distinct mindsets which dictate their individual shopping pattern. They are:

Social catalyst

About one third of the women represent this group. They are organizers who love to plan before they start shopping. They are proud of their social network and consider themselves to be active in their friendship status. Thus, all these lead them to be good influencers. They may love to spend a night out but before that they will check out the bargain deals. They will go with latest trend provided they get good bargain there!

Natural Hybrids

This is a group of poised and stable women who too comprise about one-third of the total online woman shoppers. Of course they are a little less than the social catalyst group. The natural hybrids knows how to keep balance in everything, like they know when to spend and when to stop purchasing. They do not go for trendy items very often; instead they prefer buying traditional and classical items that will last long.

Content Responsible

This is a group of women who believe that shopping is a habit and they do so to complement their other practices. They neither set trends nor do they go for something classical. They do it as a chore and buy something that they feel necessary for the moment. They are like men who are considered to be more practical and loyal consumers.

Cultural Artists

The ratio of cultural artists may be very low than the other type of shoppers in women, but they are people who love shopping. They keep on trying new trends or try out something that is new. They are always seeking for new products so that they can enjoy those items first that are newly launched.

For women shopping is an activity that will help them lead a life that they love. It is just not a necessity like most men. They give their time to choose the best and love getting comments on their choice.