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7 Insanely POPULAR Things To Buy Online In India

Are you an Indian who prefers online shopping over aisle-to-aisle shopping? Or, a foreigner who’s looking to buy Indian-made items right from the comfort of your home?

Well, then you’re reading the right piece of content as this article tosses around top 7 Indian-made things that are insanely popular when it comes to online shopping:


India is popular for producing an exemplary range of cotton & silk clothing, table cloths, bed covers, and wall hangings. Perhaps, majority of these textiles come embellished with hand embroidery and hand beading—something that adds to your style and grace.

Whether its phulkari work from Punjab, chikan fabric from Lucknow, silk from Kanchipuram or ornated appliqués from Gujarat, you’ll find almost all kinds of fabric on online fashion stores.


Well, every woman loves a piece of jewellery whether Indian or foreigner. When it comes to jewellery, India has a lot to offer in the form of bigger & more lavish designs. Offering a breathtaking range of real & costume jewellery—the online Indian fashion stores are certain to lend you a much-fancied princess look.

Designed as well as made in the country, Indian jewellery boasts of a phenomenal variety including antique Jewellery, bead jewellery, gold jewellery, ivory jewellery, kundan jewellery, silver jewellery, stone jewellery, tribal jewellery and much more!

So, don’t wait? Find a popular online Indian Jewellery Store today and add sparkle to your life!

Arts & Crafts

Throughout the country, time-honoured craftsmen create beautiful clothing, textiles, rugs, pottery, furniture, boxes, home décor goods—typically with distinctive regional diversities that you’ll come across as you scan through several online Indian stores.

From weaving & dying crafts, wood crafts, lac crafts, glass crafts, stone crafts, clay crafts, bubblegum crafts, metal crafts, leather crafts to paper crafts and more, you can lay your hands on almost all kinds of Indian handicrafts sitting in your comfortable couch.

Ayurvedic Products

You’ll amazed to know that the world’s oldest medical system—Ayurveda originated in India. And, that’s why this country is home to some of the best Ayurvedic products for beauty, skincare and wellness. In fact, some of the most popular brands like Himalaya, Shahnaz Herbal and Biotique are readily available on online fashion and medical stores.

Scented Products

Celebrated as ‘the land of incense’, India is widely known for offering unmatched natural perfumes that are extracted from herbs, flowers, spices, and barks. And, the good news is these invaluable scents are available for online purchases.


From cheap leather juttis (classic embroidered slippers), decorated high-heeled party sandals to crystal-beaded chappals (flat slippers), buying Indian shoes is truly fun.

Indeed, you’ll be flabbergasted by the overwhelming variety of shoes the online Indian stores offer to its customers.


If you fancy classic Indian music or devotional music, then you should definitely consider purchasing music from an Indian e-commerce site as not only they offer high quality music CDs but also make sure they deliver you an astounding range of all kinds of music that’s native to this country.

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